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Dog Food Authority Asks “What Is The Best Dog Food?”

Dog Food is where it all begins. What is the best dog food and is it both healthy and nutritional for your dog?  You will learn, which is the best dog food, whether it is natural, organic, fresh, raw, freeze dried, canned or home made.  There are many brands to choose from. Some of the top name manufacturers such as Wellness, Blue, Best, Natural Balance, Nutro, Science, Blue Buffalo, Evo, Pedigree, Solid Gold and Iams offer both natural, and organic varieties to choose from. Or, you may even decide to feed your dog a homemade natural organic dog food. Whatever is your preference, you will find all the information here that you need to make a sound and healthy decision for your friend.  A healthy and nutritional food, will extend the life of your dog, and make his life a richer and more fulfilling one.

What is the best dog food?  Is it natural food?  Feed it the wrong dog food, and you can literally be poisoning your best friend.

Have you ever wondered why some dogs teeth are whiter than other dogs? Why some have plaque and others don’t? Why some eyes sparkle and are bright and others aren’t? Why some have more energy and vitality and energy while others don’t? Why some dog’s coats are nice and shiny and don’t shed as much as others? And most importantly of all, why some dogs live much longer than most of their other counterparts belonging to the same breed? You guessed it! It all starts with their dog food.

Is canned, dry, natural, organic, or holistic dog food the best way to go?  How about homemade or raw dog food, is this the way to go?

The answer to these questions in simply put, not necessarily so.  It’s all about what is being put in the food.  The ingredients being used.  This and any other possible questions you could have, will certainly be cleared up.  You will walk away from this site, with very clear decisions and choices that will be the right ones, and in the best interest of your dog, or as I say, your best friend.

You will take all this information that you will glean from this site, and implement it with a well regulated and daily exercise program. Remember, to your dog, life is all about loving you, playing with you and enjoying his food. That’s it.

So why not give your special friend, companion, and irreplaceable dog what it deserves. They give us their unconditional trust and love. Every time they look at us, their eyes say “I trust you”, and their affection definitely says, “I love you now, and always will, forever”.

If a dog food manufacturer spends a lot of money advertising and promoting their product, and it becomes extremely popular and recognizable, then it must be a good and healthy dog food. Most people would think so, right. WRONG, VERY, VERY wrong!

Marketing and advertising are nothing more than a vehicle used to promote sales and profit for the manufacturer. AND, in most cases their choice of ingredients are motivated by profit, and not the health, nutrition or welfare of your dog. Some ingredients used as fillers have absolutely no nutritional value for your pet at all. In some instances they are even very toxic to your pet and can actually destroy their immune system and slowly kill them. Below is a list of definitions that will aid you in understanding what the ingredients are that are being used in a certain brand of food.