About Us

About us will explain a bit of who we are and what we do.  We are consumer advocates, who, represent you and your best interests, and not the dog food companies.  How do we do this, quite simply, we take an unbiased and devil’s advocate approach, do the research, and report the results to consumers.  You see, that means we do all the work and you reap the harvests.  No one funds us and our reviews are pure.

Selecting the right dog food for your dog, seems to be very confusing and difficult.  Well, if you are armed with the wrong tools, it can surely be just that.  However, if you are armed with the right tools,   That is why, we have given you all the downloadable pages to show  you everything from ingredients to avoid, how to rate your present dog food, and the dog food industries bible AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials).

Take the time to fully explore our website and you will be glad you did.  Then take the information  you glean from our site, and become a knowledgeable and confident consumer, knowing that what you are feeding your dog will be healthy and nutritious and NOT toxic and indeed poisonous.